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Editor: These days the ‘A’ word is being tossed around quite freely ­ that word being too horrible to mention. It is a monstrosity and, in God's eyes, an abomination. It means the intentional destroying of a human being that has been created in a mother's womb.

So many people, God-fearing people, we just shake our heads at the way people, especially the youth, are being misled. Jesus said: ‘Love one another.’ Love does not mean use one another. Love people and use things.

Is there no answer? Of course there is. It’s all in our leaders hands, God bless every one. They must realize that this nation was founded on God’s law and not on the Trudeau’s law, and that He alone is the true source of our cherished rights and freedoms.

Where to start correcting? Leaders, do try the Ten Commandments of God, which seem to have been totally discarded. Let’s keep our Island unique, as it truly is, and give back especially to families, our Sundays, the third commandment, and say ‘to hell with big business.’ Leaders, please realize and thank God for the authority you've been given; use it for His Glory!

I sincerely hate to pick on particular leaders, but when our education system allows the apparent loose teaching of morals, it is very upsetting. We gather that the system says ‘if youth go ahead and use the marriage act, then give them all the ways out of the resulting dilemma, it seems to be called.’ Do believe the Ten Commandments were there on our blackboard wall in our one room Richmond school.

Could the fifth commandment be any clearer? Thou shalt not kill! Today the goose eggs are too precious to destroy, but not the conceived child.

Please, please leaders, use you God-given authority to ‘save, yes, save the world’ or at least our little corner of it.

Mrs. Ray Brown,


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