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Editor: As an adoptive parent, I would like to shed a different light on abortion.

My four children, and subsequently six grandchildren, had life because the ‘easy way’ out was not taken. Abortion is not without its own trauma and I’m sure the number of medically necessary procedures is rare.

Couples are travelling to Asia, etc., desperately looking for infants. People aren’t having large families, our population is aging and we are told that the work force may not be sufficient to sustain services we presently enjoy.

Due to the increasing number of same-sex unions, unless the course of nature is dramatically altered, the likelihood of offspring from these unions is extremely remote. We need our children.

The bulk of our provincial budget goes for health care, and our lifestyles are putting ever increasing stress on our services. Available resources need to be used for those who, through no fault of their own, incur staggering medical costs just to stay alive. This is the place for our health-care dollars. The time may be past when we can live the way we choose and expect government to pay the tab.

Sometimes I look at my family and think ... what if? It is a scary thought.

In the Saturday, May 31 Guardian there is an article that quotes abortion is one of the safest and most common medical procedures in Canada. If the latter part of that statement is true, then it is being used as birth control after the fact. How sad is that?

My children often say “I’m so glad you’re my mother” and “I’m so glad she (birth mother) gave me a chance at life”.

To any girls considering abortion — think again. It is only a few months of your life lost, it’s a lifetime lost for your baby.

I am a Christian. I believe God is the author of life. We would be wise to leave the end to him. Give a child a chance.

Helen MacRae,


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