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Wade Lynch AKA Queen Elizabeth chats with Anne of Green Gables during a celebration at Province House Monday night.

Editor: It may be a bit late in getting on this bandwagon but I nonetheless felt compelled to add my dismay at Wade Lynch’s spoof of Queen Elizabeth during Prince Charles and his wife Camilla’s visit here last month.

My intent is not to excoriate Mr. Lynch, as others have done in letters to the editor, but to question whose lame-brained idea it was in the first place. I would venture that it was the event organizers and not Wade Lynch.  

Although the skit was supposedly approved by protocol authorities, in my view and that of many others, it was still in poor taste. The event, held in front of Province House, was intended to portray an array of Island talent and, for the most part, it succeeded. There were musical and other presentations covering a wide spectrum of local entertainers.

“Comedy” acts, though, can be tricky. What appeals to me might leave you cold and vice versa. Also, there was nothing local in Mr. Lynch’s act.

On the other hand, I would add that Patrick Ledwell’s “I am an Islander” routine is very local. So local that much of it likely went right over the heads of those not in the know.

Pity the poor prince, then, his face scrutinized by the crowd for any reaction. “Was that a scowl or a stoney face?” “Poor sport.” “Did I see a glimmer of a smile?” “Oh, I think  he likes it!” And so on.

So, in conclusion, I think the organizers of this event were a little “too clever by half”, as the Brits say, in trying to include everything under the sun to impress the royal visitors. But in this particular instance it was a gray day.

David MacCallum,


Organizations: Province House

Geographic location: Charlottetown

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