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Editor: There have been a few letters lately about where God stands on certain issues. I have wondered this myself.

About 35 years ago, I lived in Vancouver. Everyday on the bus going to work, I passed a beautiful large cedar church.

One day I was going by and saw a huge sign, that said the church was trying to raise $1 million to build a new church to “The Greater Glory of God.” The night before I had watched terrible pictures of mass famine in Africa, and the announcement of the opening of the Food Bank in Vancouver.

I wondered at the time why would God be impressed with a new church, replacing a beautiful older church in his honour while all this suffering was occurring. The replacement by the way was a massive concrete very ugly building.

 Another musing of mine was about the residential schools.  Here children were taken by force, away from home and families to live in schools far away, told they could not speak their language, follow their customs, experimented on, abused emotionally, physically and sexually. This was all done to turn them into good God-fearing white people.  

I wonder what God thinks of that situation? I wondered what would have been the outcome say if the Protestants decided that they should round up all the Catholic children or the other way around, and take them away from their families and homes and put them in schools were they were told everything that they had been taught was wrong and stupid, and then mistreated in the same way as the First Nation children were.

Mind you the Protestants and Catholics through the centuries have done very horrible things to each other in God’s name.

So I would think that anybody that thinks they know God’s judgment on the world has not really thought things through.

Carol Capper,


Organizations: Food Bank, First Nation

Geographic location: Vancouver, Africa

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