Spying on Canadians without a warrant

Letters to the Editor (The Guardian)
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Editor: It is a rare day that I applaud Stockwell Day for speaking out, but the day has arrived. Stockwell has courageously stood up to Harper and Peter MacKay on Bill C-13. This government is secretive, vindictive and anti-democratic. They want to spy on innocent Canadians, accessing our most personal medical, political and religious beliefs, all without a warrant. And for what? To buy elections? To create a police state? To audit or harass anyone who disagrees or speaks out? Why would we trust Peter MacKay with anything, especially spying? Many of us remember that he gave us his word that the P. C. party would not join the Reform but that was his first move. Like Harper, he simply cannot be trusted.

Why are we spending billions of dollars spying on ourselves? The new CSAC headquarters cost $4 billion, the most expensive government building ever built in this country. Last year they spent $850 million of our money spying on us. They cut Veterans offices, didn’t renew the health accord, decimated CBC, slashed environmental protection, etc, etc, but spend billions creating a police state to track our every move. They attack anyone who gets in the way of their agenda. This is a dangerous regime that has no regard for democratic rights or personal privacy. If fact without privacy there is no chance for democracy. Why is CSAC turning over private information about innocent Canadians to the notorious NSA?

Here’s an idea — tax the rich, educate the poor, foster healthy communities. Terrorism arises when youth have no opportunity, hope or decent housing. Just think of what we could do with $4 billion. They did it in California, taxed the millionaires, created jobs AND balance the books!!

I encourage each and every Canadian to learn more about our right to privacy at OurPrivacy.ca

Gail Shea can we count on you?

Teresa Doyle,


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Geographic location: California

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