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Editor: With all respect to Mr. Jenkins’ personal views on the matter, I am a firm believer in separating church and state as much as possible. There is simply too much cherry-picking of biblical teachings used to justify ideologies and policies. Approaching things from a more logical, reasoned, and nuanced perspective is a better way to govern.

In this vein, extremely polarized abortion debates aren’t very useful in determining policy. A fetus at 26 weeks is pretty obviously a person and a 36-hour-old, eight-cell blastocyst isn’t. Somewhere between these two points is the transition. If both sides could step away from their rhetoric for a while, perhaps we could narrow down just where this transition might be and then craft some useful policy around it.

For those that want to remain in the ‘Life begins at conception’ bunker and cling to the notion that God values every life, perhaps a more complete reading of the Bible is in order. You might start with Isaiah 13:16 where the children are dashed to pieces or Deuteronomy 13 where entire villages are destroyed or just about every second verse in Leviticus where the favoured punishment for transgressions is death. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Owen Stephenson,


Geographic location: Leviticus

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