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Letters to the Editor (The Guardian)
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Holland College has announced job cuts. The deepest cuts come in adult education.

Editor: The P.E.I. government continues to manipulate the educational system to cut the deficit. There was a negative report about the education levels in P.E.I. Now government is cutting teachers at every level, including adult education. Big mistake. The government will pay for education now or welfare and employment insurance later.

If students do not get the attention they need, chances are more students will quit school in earlier grades. Maybe this is an equation that is unknowingly used in the education system to limit the number of students in classrooms. Similar management is used at university level to control the number of student in various courses … as in statistics for psychology majors.

Today, teachers have more work with outside school activates, in school activities, students with physical, mental and emotional challenges, triplicate paper work, workshops and never ending pressure to get everyone through. There is autism, learning disabilities, ADD and ADHD, diabetics who need pills or insulin, bathroom breaks, school yard duties and on it goes.

In the 1950s, there were no extra after-school activities. However, there were about 35-40 teenagers in one classroom. I needed extra help but there was no help for me. The brightest kids got the attention and went on to do great things. I slipped through the cracks like so many others kids of that era.

I quit school in Grade 9 after a severe beating by a teacher in Grade 8. I was subtly and blatantly bullied by him and he told me daily to “go out and dig ditches.” He implied I was a loser. Not getting the help or education I needed made life very difficult. At 15, my choices were a brick wall or a cement wall.

Today, adult education is the only thing that saves some students, yet, the government has downsized the only route left to young adults.

The educational system failed me and since then, the various governments have continued to fail students.

Flora J. Thompson,


Geographic location: P.E.I., Charlottetown

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