Disingenuous allegations

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Editor: Ms. Capper is a bit disingenuous when she writes that she was talking about a breech birth. The picture she was looking at was accompanying an anti-abortion article and she thought (her own word) it was of a breech birth when she actually knew it was an abortion picture. How convenient. That being said, I stand by what I wrote in my letter of May 6, including the part which was edited out. Notwithstanding Ms. Capper’s statement to the contrary, I can read and I had looked up breech birth in my Webster: a birth in which the foetus is presented hind-part-of-the-body first.

When I wondered if Ms. Capper had an epiphany about abortion, I was kidding obviously for I am not expecting her to change her stand on that issue now or in the foreseeable future.

And that is my last letter on the matter, for a while.

Pierre Jahier,

Kensington RR 1

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