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Letters to the Editor (The Guardian)
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Editor: Chris Hadfield remarks in his book on his experience as an astronaut, that there is really just one thing he controlled in space: attitude, vitally important to survival.

There would be teachable moments. Management, he says, has to create a climate where owning up to mistakes is permissible and colleagues have to agree, collectively, to cut each other some slack as opposed to the doll sticking news in The Guardian being rationalized through the courts as lawful or not lawful, or businessmen are being dragged through the mud.

Where I find there to be too much slack is the daily infraction of the rules in traffic, by passing cars stopped to make a left turn, on the shoulder of the road to the right of the stopped vehicle. The rules are that you can pass on the right only when driving on a two-lane highway going in the same direction.

The safety of pedestrians and cyclists is being jeopardized by these motorists who find it too much trouble to slow their powerful vehicles down. Are the highway supervisors doing the same thing?

I’m told they do.

Gail Mustard,


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