Spraying destroys health, birthright

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Editor: The snow is gone and soon the annual spraying practice will take place again by farmers and residents alike.

Many people understand that mankind intensely and quickly contaminates the planet and causes widespread, irreversible health deficiencies, among humans, wildlife, creatures and micro-organisms so urgently needed close to healthy soil and water bodies.

Some people do not understand the correlation between extensive spraying and extensive health problems in P.E.I.

Farmers, possibly locked in with the Islands’ growing and pesticide industry, may feel pressured to spray their fields, but even municipal residents, merely for personal convenience, hire contractors to cosmetically spray their lawns with powerful nerve-gas-like compound combinations, (e.g. mecoprop and MCPA mixed).

These chemical compounds attack the nervous system of all creatures in the ground and all animals (wildlife, pets, humans alike) above it. Contrary to what contractors may assure their clients, these compounds are certainly not harmless herbicides, and certainly not ecology-friendly. The evaporated fumes, even at zero wind, hover above ground and gradually float to the neighbours’ land and settle on crops.

The ground-absorbed liquid poisons travel by capillary action into the neighbour’s soil and into all root crops. Unethical contractors, list the above compounds while using the phrase ecology-friendly in flyers, conduct false advertisement. Hence: Clients Beware!

The province appears very reluctant to acknowledge, that by legalizing this spraying practice, they have in the past irresponsibly accelerated the deterioration of health of many Islanders and to this day, they continue to do so.

While spraying is legal, damaging other peoples’ crops and health is not. Spraying farmers, contractors and residents/clients may unknowingly open themselves up to litigation.

The province has a public duty to actively address and deal with the obvious, and stop exposing Islanders to great health hazards for economic gains. Present unsafe spraying practices must immediately be banned, and we must return to a safe way of growing, in the fields and in our private gardens, and reclaim/regain our health, which is our birthright.

Karl (Carlo) Hengst,


Geographic location: P.E.I.

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