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Editor: I was incredibly ashamed at the actions of our school board (one person, unelected) in banning a young lady from visiting our Island because they believed they might not be able to cope with her disability.

Let me share something similar that happened a long time ago to somebody close to me. This young man, in high school, was a leader in the school band program. Less than a week before a scheduled band exchange he was diagnosed with severe Type 1 diabetes and hospitalized. Not only he, but all his band mates and teachers were devastated to be without him for this (overnight) trip.

Well, the school and the doctors worked together to assure themselves that his diabetes could be stabilized sufficiently to make the trip with minimal danger. He was to be given a two-day pass out of hospital. He was good to go from the travelling school’s end.

What about the host school? Did they decree that it would be too dangerous to host a child with freshly diagnosed diabetes on a pass from the hospital? No. The host school welcomed him and even found a host family headed by a diabetes nurse where he could stay. He had a wonderful trip.

This is true hospitality. Oh, that P.E.I. was as hospitable and generous.

Jane Dunphy,


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