Opinions should be fact-based

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Editor: In his letter of April 21, Mark Morrison worries that university students are being taught what to think, not how to think, using Professor McKenna’s oped pieces as a case in point.

Don’t worry Mr. Morrison, we most certainly do know how to think. We recognize diatribes when we read them and we were easily able to replace lowercase L’s and C’s in your references to ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’.  

Where no supporting data or numbers or studies exist to verify blanket statements such as our federal bureaucracies being packed with liberals; or the contention that our public service waste, expand group think and recruit their own kind; or the wishful thinking that “Conservatives tend to accept the world as it is and deal with it accordingly”, we recognize political preferences and judge them accordingly.

You and Professor McKenna are entitled to your viewpoints. Trust me, we enjoy reading them. But we have learned how to think and are busily forming our own fact-based opinions.

Loretta Craig Taylor,


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