Tory ship starting to leak

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Editor: At the helm of a rusty old ship, HMCS Tory Party, stands a lonely man.

Stephen Harper has, over the past decade, crewed this ship with the likes of Nigel Wright, Bev Oda, Dimitri Soudas and senators like Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau.

Many are either jumping ship or being pushed overboard in hopes this worn-out vessel will stay afloat a few more years.

The trouble is, many Canadians are waking to find, often after being deceived to by this crew, that this is not the ship they want to sail off into Canada’s future on.

They are seeing the federal government for what it truly is, seeing what they are doing to our environment, our support programs (P.E.I. EI), harassing the public service and even our Elections Act, and they do not support it.

They will open the watertight doors in the next election and down she’ll go.

Oh, there are still some rusty old Tories left who blindly follow and defend their captain, and whether it’s a good or bad thing, they too will go down with the ship.

Lloyd Kerry,


Organizations: HMCS Tory Party

Geographic location: Canada, Charlottetown

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