Easter season time of the cross

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Editor: Readers should not take new stories and latest research discoveries at face value. They should think critically about all that they read. For instance, one of the latest studies finds that taking antioxidants could be bad for your health. Also, someone has discovered the tomb of Jesus with his remains. Atheists claim that there is no God; the Bible is a book of fables and evolution is true; pesticides do not affect your health; abortion is OK and partial-birth abortion is still OK. The list goes on.

The following statements, in my opinion, make perfect sense. Check them out.

Taking antioxidants are better and safer than taking drugs; Jesus rose from the dead and, therefore, there are no remains; atheism is irrational because atheism is a universal negative, and everyone who has studied logic knows that you cannot prove a universal negative.

Also, the Bible is a book of predictive prophecy. The biblical prophecies are quite specific, real and genuine. They are unique because they do not exist anywhere else. Evolution is a theory that still cannot be proven but disciples of quantum physics —quantum theory and quantum mechanics or true science supports the statements of the scripture and intelligent design (meaning God).

Pesticides that kill cannot be healthy. Abortion kills and from 1973-2005, there were 47 million abortions in North America. Partial-birth abortion is outright murder. Check out how partial-birth abortion works, if you dare.

Easter is the time of the cross and eternal hope for and worth of us all.

- Ron Jenkins, Charlottetown

Geographic location: North America, Charlottetown

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