Royal visit a royal waste

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Editor: It’s only been four years since a member of the Windsor family has visited this country. This time it’s Charles and Camilla, who have decided to get a paid vacation to Canada. The last visit cost taxpayers $1.7 million. This is preposterous, considering there are children in this country going hungry every day, our medical system is underfunded as are our schools, city and municipal infrastructure repair and renewal, public transit systems, veterans support and on and on.

 The monarchists, who are small in number but loom large in political power with the Harper government, argue it cost each Canadian only 15 cents.  The problem is I am not a monarchist and it is my 15 cents, not to mention it is 15 cents for every person in Canada. And what per cent of the population actually pay taxes?

Furthermore, what percentage of the population get to see them, let alone talk to them, even of the few who would want to. Typically, they wine and dine with the elite of the places they go and the ‘peons’ in the general public are lucky if they get a glimpse of them scurrying by in their limousines. Usually that’s after waiting for hours at the curbside in some city or at the chain link fence surrounding the area where the privileged few gather to bow and scrape to prove their superiority over the ‘unwashed’ masses outside.

They pay lip service to the notion of providing access to all who want to be able to say that they have ‘seen’ the “Royals” by doing what they did in Summerside when Willy and Kate were in Canada a few years back. There they set up a viewing stand close enough to the exclusive activities that those with good quality binoculars could actually see the faces of those kowtowing to the pair. 

We are a sovereign nation, and it is time to let the monarch go and use the money the government spends entertaining them for a useful and constructive purpose.

- Zane and Dale Amundson, North Granville

Geographic location: Canada, Summerside, North Granville

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