Opposition forgets the bigger picture?

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Editor: When I see on Compass Thursday and Friday night and read on your front page of Friday, April 11, edition that all that Steven Myers of the PC Party has to fight about during question period is why three years ago did George Webster spent $40 of taxpayers’ money on a hotel movie. Talk about acting like children. Especially when Myers yelled across the room how much milk a family on P.E.I. could buy with the $40.

This makes me shake my head in disgust. Why? Well he should be asking questions like how come Ghiz’s government is having a yearlong party celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Founding Fathers meeting, yet in the budget there was no money to fix the actual building this meeting took place in that’s crumbling around them. Or why Mr. Easter thought it was appropriate to act like a pigeon in the House of Commons. Or why they were so unprepared for the blizzard two weeks ago where some folks had no power for almost two weeks and why snow removal downtown was such a joke.

When the PC Party could have been debating important stuff like this, they are going ape over a 2011 $40 movie rental. I’d love to see Mr. Webster during question period walk across the floor and hand $40 cash to Myers. The PC Party can’t understand why they are dropping in the polls. My advice to Mr. Myers is this: Instead of checking out milk prices and three-year-old movie rentals, do the job your party voted you in to do which is acting like a grownups and fighting about current issues that need to be addressed.


- Evan Larter, Charlottetown

Organizations: PC Party, House of Commons

Geographic location: P.E.I., Charlottetown

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