Trivial things titillate Tories

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Editor: I read with keen interest the two stories re George Webster, $40 charge for a movie, and Valerie Doherty, $16 charge for a room upgrade. Both stories appear in Saturday’s Guardian page A3.

In any of my past dealings with George Webster as a journalist who has interviewed him several times, I found him to always be above board. If he says he did not watch a movie, I believe him. Although I don’t know Ms. Doherty I genuinely believe her room upgrade was not to enjoy a view, but to attend her meeting commitment on time.

I think the Opposition Tories need to pay closer attention to really important issues like the minimum wage (paltry) increase, and let go of such trivial things like $40 and $16. These politicians must travel away from their families on behalf of the province and its people and I am a tad stymied why the Opposition would make a big deal out of both incidences.

Surely there must have been a better segue into the finances of those two departments than these trivial expenses. I read and listen to the goings-on in the legislature and honestly, all that shouting and bickering seems unnecessary. It makes me remember a TV Informatica where it appears two city council people are arguing and a child in the audience say, “I think somebody needs a time out.” 

Politicians are in the legislature to take care of the business of the province. It would be great to have them able to do it without stone-throwing and loud arguments.

- Kathy Birt, Charlottetown

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