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Editor: I have been a staunch Prime Minster Harper supporter mainly because of his foreign policy. At the risk of receiving a failing grade from UPEI Prof. McKenna for my not having being successfully indoctrinated by the liberal education establishment, I posit that taking a principled stand on international issues is more important than trying to exercise “international influence” in “multilateral arenas.”

If those ‘arenas’ be the ‘climate change’ conferences, then not having  judgmental Euro-socialists sit next to our representatives should be worn as a badge of honour by any Canadian.  I think it more important not to have our delegates seated next to representatives of known terrorist organizations (Hezbollah) when attending international fora.

While I am particularly impressed by Harper’s staunch backing of Israel (principle, not “Diaspora” politics), I will concede disgust with Harper’s Ukrainian stance, and I will concede an unfortunately “politicized” foreign policy motive there. But if this be so, it is truly learned behaviour. After watching our ‘naturally-governing party’ leaders like Trudeau and Chretien play this card for decades, Harper can only  perceive benefit in emulation.

McKenna decries the lack of Canadian influence on the world stage. If you are looking at the stage upon which Canada assists with the heavy lifting (think NATO in Afghanistan, or Libya), you would see a nation respected for its skills and determination. If you watch a stage dominated by useless talk shops and committees composed of radical, anti-Western, anti-democratic representatives (think UN in general), you will see a Canada no longer respected by those countries because we no longer cavil and cavort with the likes of Castro or any other of the multitude of ‘non-aligned’ types our Liberal leaders seemed to admire so much (while emasculating our defence capabilities and contributions to the U.S. and NATO, and thumbing our most important allies in the eye). Yes Prof .McKenna, if we have lost influence on that stage, I am glad to see the curtain come down on our ‘international influence.’ I like the stage where Canada stands on principle, with its natural friends and close allies. On with that show.

Mark Morrison,


Organizations: NATO, Hezbollah, UN

Geographic location: Canada, Israel, Afghanistan Libya Western U.S. Charlottetown

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