Homeowner takes issue with snowplow operator filling in her driveway

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By Cynthia Geyds (commentary)

On Wednesday, April 2, I was looking out my window, at the seven- or eight-foot snow drifts on either side of our driveway.

I saw a big government snowplow go by our house. He just got by, down the road a few hundred feet and I heard beep, beep, beep as that plow operator backed up past our house a ways, then starts plowing by our house. That plow operator actually swerved in as he went by.

I went to get my coat on, to go out and see how much snow needed to be shoveled. I heard that beep, beep, and beep sound again. That plow operator actually backed up yet again and proceeded to swerve in as he plowed by our driveway.

Then to my amazement, that plow operator started backing up down the road again. He backed up past our place and started swerving in, as he plowed by our driveway for the fourth time.

I couldn’t figure out why that government snowplow operator would do such a thing. I went out to look at the mess left by that plow operator. I couldn’t believe it. That plow operator had pushed such a huge amount of snow into our driveway. I’m five feet, four inches and the pile of snow was taller than me. I was so upset. How could someone do such a thing? We just paid a neighbour $50 last night to remove the snow from our driveway. We didn’t have another $50 to do it again.

I was that upset that I phoned the government dispatch number for the snowplow operators. I asked how I go about filing a formal complaint against a snowplow operator that just went by our house on Route 13. That dispatcher sounded quite reluctant but finally gave me a supervisor’s phone number. The voice at the other end of this number never gave his name. I explained what had taken place and that I wanted to file a formal complaint. That supervisor didn’t seem to care what had happened and furthermore, he kept making excuses for the plow operator. Excuses weren’t going to remove the huge hard pile of snow pushed into our driveway. I was so frustrated that I stated “I’m going over your head then!” and hung up. That’s when I decided to write this letter.

I understand the government snowplow operators have a job to do. Why did that plow operator feel it necessary to make four passes just in front of our driveway? The snow there wasn’t covering up a manhole or fire hydrant or anything. I expected to shovel one or two feet of snow at the end of my driveway but not more than five feet of hard- packed snow. I have pictures of the amount of snow he left. I regret not video taping that plow operator. Shame on you!

A short time past finishing writing this letter, I heard what sounded like a snowplow. Of course I run to the window thinking “Oh no, not again.” I saw a small private snow blower machine drive up the road, slowed down by our house, then backed up and began to blow the snow out of our driveway!  He came all the way in the driveway, right up to the garage, and then drove out and away he went. We have no idea who he was and would very much like to thank his generosity. Heartfelt thanks for rescuing us from our unwelcome pile of snow.


Cynthia Geyds is a new resident of rural P.E.I. living on Rennies Road near Hunter River

Geographic location: P.E.I., Rennies Road, Hunter River

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