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By Lori Gard (a reader's view)

I wanted to write a letter of gratitude to the many employees who staff both our small and large grocery stores the Island over.  

In particular, I wish to single out a very special Save Easy grocery store and share this story with you about my experience there. First of all, might I say that it matters how you treat people. It matters how you do your job. And it matters if you infuse love into what you do, through each and every moment of the day.

One of the highlights of my weekend was without a doubt when I went into a small grocery store last Saturday morning located in the town of Cornwall. Not an event I would usually connect with morphing into daily high points, but that day it was. The cashier: she was friendly, pleasant, affable. I could hear in her voice, as she talked, that she just genuinely liked people. Liked her job. She called me ‘hun’ three times. And while that normally wouldn’t rub me the right way, today it seemed almost soothing.

“Anything else I can get you hun?” she said smiling.

“Are you paying for that with debit or credit, hun?”

“Thanks, hun. Have a nice day!”

And maybe it was her smile. Maybe it was the respectful way she talked to the meat manager as he brought up a box of seafood to be priced. Quite possibly it could have even been the combined effect of both she and her colleague in the cash right next to her, a woman whom the older gentleman in line after me greeted warmly with, “Ah Lyndsay! This makes my day just to see you here!”

And with all that love, it isn’t too far-fetched to surmise that this little grocery store is a good place to work. It exudes an atmosphere in which love is valued. For you can feel love palpably. People genuinely seem to like being here, and perhaps the reason is because they just feel like they’re with friends.

And I couldn’t help but think of that well-touted line, ‘whatever you’ve been given to do, do it well’, in reference to these two women and their ethic of care towards their customers. Because they weren’t just delivering a service today: they were offering love.

The whole experience, it moved me in an emotional way. I really felt touched by the kindness I observed and experienced.

I can only hope to live up to that high ideal as I also go about my life’s work inside my own workplace and classroom. What a great inspiration it is to watch people doing what they love to do and seeing them doing it well.

Thank you grocery stores for your outstanding service. We, the customers, appreciate and value what you do!

Lori Gard of Mill River East is a kindergarten teacher at Bloomfield Elementary School.

Organizations: Bloomfield Elementary School

Geographic location: Cornwall, Mill River East

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