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Editor: At a recent Cornwall town meeting, one of the main topics was building permits to allow construction of townhouses, semi- detached houses and multi- unit dwellings. This doesn’t sit well with some residents who feel the buildings could lower property values in their neighbourhood.

Coun. Peter Meggs, chair of the town's planning committee, said Cornwall needs to give people more options in order to attract new development and new residents.

This seems a bit hypocritical to me, considering the town recently voted to get rid of public transit. At the town’s public meeting in April 2013, Meggs said they wanted to increase this type of residential development to encourage more people to use public transit. They didn’t give that idea much of a chance.

I moved to Cornwall in 2000 and found it a nice community to live in. The only drawback was traffic flow. The only practical way for me to drive to work in the morning was down Cornwall Road to what is still known as ‘ Sam’s Corner.’

At that time, there was no advance green arrow for my desired route, and traffic quickly backed up. I thought ‘ what this town needs is public transit’. In fact, that played a major part of my decision to move back to Charlottetown.

The town said it was too expensive to operate and ridership was down. First, most public transit systems operate at a loss and even cities like New York and Toronto would fail without a steady influx of government money.

But, it is public transit that contributes to the viability and growth of a city or town. Pulling the plug on it, especially after such a short trial period, is extremely near- sighted on the part of the Cornwall municipal government.

Having vision and foresight doesn’t mean adding this phrase to advertisements to attract new residents: “Move to our town, but don’t forget your car.”

Lloyd Kerry,


Geographic location: Cornwall Road, Charlottetown, New York Toronto

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