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Editor: It’s reassuring to see how community-minded many Islanders are. In this case, I am referring to the group putting on a pancake breakfast to raise funds for the Prince Street School breakfast program. When the spokesperson was asked why they picked this school for this project, he replied ‘because there is a need.” I’m sure it will be successful, both because of the volunteers’ hard work and the public’s support.

 What really galls me is the fact that there is a need for this type of fundraising. Instead of using my (and other Islanders’) hard-earned tax dollars to make sure no children start school in the morning on an empty stomach, they give $250,000 of said tax dollars to a concert promoter to help bring Shania Twain here (and other questionable projects).

 This is the same concert that government brags will bring in tons of tax dollars to P.E.I. The same concert that Charlottetown mayor Clifford Lee said “Best part is the taxpayers of Charlottetown are not contributing any funds to the event.” (Brilliant, Clifford, this must be why they put you on 22 Minutes). Wrong.

 You can’t tell me that a promoter, who stands to gross about $4 million in ticket sales, can’t come up with the money to get it going. If he can’t, we have banks. If the government still feels a need to help ensure this concert goes ahead, lend him the money. With interest.

 The usual intelligent reply from government officials is ‘This will bring in thousands in tax revenue, and millions to local business.’ Well, guess what, genius? That same money would still flow in even if our tax dollars weren’t involved. Of course, it might not get VIP tickets for some of our politicians and city fathers.

 Think of those school kids with the empty stomachs when you’re in the VIP tent for the photo op.

Lloyd Kerry,


Organizations: Prince Street School

Geographic location: Charlottetown

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