Western countries act like bullies, hypocrite

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A Reader's View

Editor: Iam disappointed, no, appalled at the hypocritical reaction from the West, especially the U. S. A., Canada and the U. K. to what is going on in the Crimea. While I believe the Russian response is wrong and unacceptable, I cannot give any credence to the voices being espoused by noisy western countries. Let me tell you why.

Going back a number of years the government in Grenada was overthrown to be replaced with a new one, however, the new government did not sit well with the U. S. A. and it reacted by invading the country, overthrowing the new government and installing one suitable for the U. S. A. needs.

The U. S. A. said it acted to protect the interests of its people living there. ( I seem to recall reading that same argument from President Putin a week ago with the Crimea.) The response to the U. S. A. invasion was quick and the United Nations said it was against international law, as did the U. K. and Canada. The U. S. A. ignored such opposition. The consequences were — nothing.

A few years later, the same U. S. A., sponsored and trained Contras to take over in Nicaragua, from a government not liked by the U. S. A. ( Incidentally, I seem to recall that the leader the U. S. A. deposed, was later voted in at Nicaragua’s first democratically election.) Again the UN said that their ( U. S. A.) actions were against UN international law and fined them, with the U. K. and Canada agreeing with the UN. The U. S. A. said the UN international law had no power over them and they ignored the opposition. Consequences — nothing.

Israel continues to build on occupied land. Although the UN has stated it was against UN International Law. Once again, Canada and the U. K. agreed with the UN, this time the U. S. A. offered support to the UN position. The response was “We will do what we want.” And they continue to ignore international law. The consequence — nothing — not even a murmur. We are told by Israel and our prime minister that if we say anything negative about Israel then we are anti- Semitic.

I am questioning why the U. S. A. and Israel can decide not to accept the UN resolutions of international law and do whatever they feel inclined to do, while other countries are not allowed the same freedom. It seems to me that the leadership of the U. S. A., U. K., and Canada spells hypocrites. I find it embarrassing and am saddened by the inequalities when dealing with what is acceptable and not. I do not believe that the U. S. A., Canada or the U. K. have any voice in what is a serious intrusion by one country against another.

Even if there may be extenuating circumstances, they have abdicated any voice they may have had by their inconsistent behaviour.

We try to teach our young folk the difference between right and wrong, and how bullying is not acceptable at any level. Meanwhile our country and our neighbours seem fit to act this way whenever it suits them. I can understand why Russia would be confused by its opposition, but I still believe their actions to be wrong. Unrest in our world will continue as long as we allow right and wrong to be controlled by those in positions power to suit their needs.

It is hard to find a country that stands for any form of moral justice. We pride ourselves on our reputation as a democratic country that seeks to pursue peace and equality around the world. This Harper “Administration” is destroying our well- earned reputation every time it opens its mouth. Enough is enough.

Rev. Dr. Arthur Davies, Summerside

Organizations: United Nations

Geographic location: Canada, Crimea, Israel Nicaragua Grenada Russia

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