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Editor: Gail Shea has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the legions of critics who dare to challenge the Conservatives on the changes to EI. No, wait, here comes the sink. Ms. Shea can throw out all the misleading data and rationale that she wants, but people here on the Island, and throughout the Maritimes know exactly what they were trying to do. They want most of the seasonal workforce in P.E.I. to relocate to Alberta and work in their oil sands projects. That’s all they really care about. And as far as the ‘right thing to do’, the question is for whom? Can Ms. Shea show in any way where these EI changes benefit the people of the Maritime provinces?

 The answer to that question is a clear and unambiguous no. We don’t even need a wall chart to show the progress of that response. The Conservatives under Stephen Harper have made evident their disdain of working people in this part of the country (and other regions as well) through their actions and no amounts of words from their spokespeople like Gail Shea can alter that reality. When it comes to doing the right thing, the people on the Island will have their chance to do that in 2015. I just can’t wait.

Doug Ferguson,


Organizations: Conservatives

Geographic location: Maritime, P.E.I., Alberta

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