Implied contract in teacher to student?

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Editor: In the case of my lawyer, my accountant and my doctor I believe that, once they accept me as a client, they are obligated to do whatever they can reasonably do to solve my problem; they may help me directly, hand me over to a colleague or employee, or refer me to a specialist. The commitment by the firm, I assume, will depend on the how the firm is organized.  

I believe that there is a similar implied commitment to each student by a teacher and a school, but I am less clear as to what the commitment is for. My scan of the internet was not very helpful although one school indicated that a student has a right to “be educated (and) become a productive member of the community.”

What might a school commitment be to each student - a safe environment; 190 days of instruction; instruction in a variety of subjects; a minimum level of literacy or numeracy; a high school diploma; skills needed to enter college and university; skills needed to enter work?

We require our young people to attend school and we invest heavily in educational programming; what should each student expect in return?  

Don Glendenning,

A long-time student of education

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