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Editor: It appears Wes Sheridan still continues to ignore the facts and face the reality that the harmonized sales tax was a terrible idea. Prior to the introduction of the HST, Wes continually boasted how great it was going to be for the Island and how Islanders would benefit from it. Here we are less than a year later and its effects have been deadly. With increases in gasoline, electricity and other necessities, Islanders are feeling the hit. Being a senior I have witnessed the negative effects as well.

The quarterly credit issued to Islanders to help offset the HST has been laughable to say the least, as it doesn’t cover the increase in electricity I am facing. I’m sure I speak for others who share the same problem.

Recent figures released by Auditor General Jane MacAdam show that the deficit has increased and has pushed the provincial debt to $2 billion. This is alarming for such a small population. Furthermore one must remember that a majority of our youth is relocating to greener pastures due to the lack of job prospects here on P.E.I. This can only spell trouble for our province as we head into the future.

 It’s time our politicians both red and blue remember who put them in the positions they are in. It is time to say no to MLA salary increases, it is time to cut out the benefits the “old boys” share and it is time for politicians to focus on what is really important – Islanders. One thing I do know is that Mr. Sheridan is out of touch with the fiscal reality on P.E.I. Islanders are suffering and there seems to be no end in sight.

Melvin Reeves,


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