Provoking Russia a poor decision

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Editor: I am really concerned about PM Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s approach to the Ukraine affair and the way Russia is being treated. I believe the federal Conservatives and the western world are provoking Russia and it seems like a very dangerous approach, very bad for politics and shameful behaviour.

Instead of the federal government working and helping the Russians fix this mess, they, along with the U.S., and, it appears t,he European Union seem to be unfairly ganging up on the Russian nation.

The Russian people were our allies during the Second World War. Why are they now not respected? Russia should be treated with respect by the west and work with them to bring a peaceful solution.

I think it is very troubling when, according to some reports, Ukraine is apparently being run by radicals. If this is true then Russia should have been commended to fix up this mess, maybe preventing a further escalation of this situation.

At one time it seemed the western world were the good guys, but now it appears the opposite is true. I just hope Stephen Harper and the rest of the west don’t start a war with Russia. I hope these western countries don’t lead us down this road for our sake and theirs.

Let’s demand peace and goodwill with Russia and its people from our elected politicians.

Lloyd Pickering,

Kensington RR 2

Organizations: Conservatives, European Union

Geographic location: Russia, Ukraine, U.S.

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