Propane increases more than 50 per cent

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Propane prices have taken another jump across P.E.I.

Editor: Every Islander who heats a home, apartment or business this winter knows what a drag on the pocketbook it has been. Being a propane customer, I’m really feeling the pinch.

The average price for propane on September 1 last year was 75.9 cents a litre. Average price last Friday was 116.5, an increase of 53.5 per cent in six months. Who can afford that?

My supplier told me a month ago, the reason their price was five to six cents higher than the other two suppliers was that my supplier filed their application with IRAC for a price increase later than the others and it reflected another increase in the wholesale price. He said: “The next price adjustment would probably see the others catch up to us.”

But, when that day came two weeks later, one of the other two had no increase and mine put theirs up another seven cents. That was a difference of 12 cents a litre. They have yet to respond to my request for an explanation.

The latest price change has evened out the playing field, but the whole issue leaves me with an empty wallet and a looming question — what do we need IRAC for? The prices for gasoline, diesel and home heating oil are fixed, why not propane? Then, thanks to Robert and Wes, I’m paying another nine per cent on top of that for their beloved HST.

If you’re giving out medals, Mr. Ghiz, you might think about giving one to every Islander who has to put up with this.

Lloyd Kerry,


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