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Editor: On abortion I feel every woman has the right to decide for herself what is right for her. Women who have decided not to terminate or to terminate have a choice. Each has very good, well thought out reasons for taking one action or the other. The choice must always be the woman’s. That there are people who claim that abortions lead to breast cancer, ill health and suicide are not helpful to the discussion. To say that women do not come forward about problems with abortion is because of shame and to say that a woman who has had a problem with abortion is unhealthy and unadjusted does not understand.  

Mr. Ron Jenkins’s letter of March 3, hinted very strongly that I was giving out false information and worse that women who had had an abortion could not be healthy and well adjusted. I would welcome any testimony from a woman whose experience with abortion has been less than good. Debate is always necessary, and there are many sides to this debate. Women know the options that they have and the consequences of their actions. Misinformation helps no one.

If there are declines in rates of abortions could this not be due to better sex education and information about birth control?  Both things better than misinformation and coercion about terminating or not terminating. So, Mr. Jenkins, in advance, I will accept your apology about your “hint” about what I said about myself, family and friends. And I might add that if I did give names of my friends and family The Guardian probably would not publish them. The numbers are irrelevant since I was merely making the point that in my experience an abortion was not a life-destroying experience and in no way am I offering scientific proof or information just an observation.

Carol Capper,


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