Bleeding-heart tree-huggers unite

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UPEI graduate Hailey Lambe took this picture in May 2013 of two red foxes just outside their den on the Experimental Farm property in Charlottetown. Lambe also observed three kits, also known as baby foxes, around the den. The P.E.I. Urban Red Fox Research Project wants Islanders to keep reporting their sightings of red foxes to the website

Editor: I’m comfortable being labeled as a bleeding-heart, animal-loving, tree-hugger, therefore I wish to join the chorus of condemnation of the practice of trapping foxes, and indeed other furry animals for their pelts. Surely we don’t need to put animals to this horrible death in the 21st century? I know that Canada was founded on the value of fur trapping in ancient times. We don’t have to do this any more.

I’m aware that these pelts meet a ready market in China. I also know that hundreds of elephants, rhinos, tigers, bears, seals, kangaroos and who knows what else are being killed to satisfy the desires of voodoo medical quacks, craftsmen, fashionable clothes-makers, in many parts of the world, China included. Why can’t civilized governments make effective measures to stop this horror?

Will we humans only be satisfied when all the beautiful wild animals are gone, and the world is left with nothing but our domestic animals and our lonely selves?

Peter Noakes,


Geographic location: China, Canada, Charlottetown

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