Chan deserves better treatment

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I’m looking at the front page of Saturday’s Guardian of photo of Patrick Chan with headline “Look out!” showing him falling. Then I turn to page B5 and beneath headline is written “Canadian skater puts in disappointing performance in free skate.” Further down the column he’s apologizing “I love you guys.  I’m sorry.” The reaction by people who follow figure skating shows clearly what a shallow critical society we have become. 

I think that to win a silver medal at Olympics is a tremendous accomplishment. The pressure that’s being put on these athletes by the public is beyond what is reasonable because they put so much pressure on themselves. Patrick Chan has nothing to apologize for. He’s a fine athlete, an outstanding skater. I went to his website and sent him an e-mail to tell him not to give up his dream. 

Heather Moyse did win gold, and she can be very proud of herself for everything she’s accomplished, and most important of all, what a great role model she is for young people. 

I think that photo of Patrick Chan with his silver medal should have been on the front page, not one of him falling. For any athlete to make it to Olympics is an amazing accomplishment, even if they don’t win a medal.


Janet Gordon Gaudet,

St. Catherines

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