Services, jobs lost with postal decision

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Former PC MLA Pat Mella dismisses Herb Dickieson's call to leave Canada Post's door-to-door mail delivery alone (“It’s time to modernize postal delivery,” today’s Guardian). She says “Most of Canada gets their mail in a community box.”

Well, Ms. Mella, your numbers make about as much sense as they did when you were finance minister on P.E.I.

According to Canada Post’s numbers, 3,804,574 get mail through group mailboxes. Last time I looked, the population of Canada was just over 35 million. Hmm, seems like just over 10 per cent, not your ‘most of Canada.’

My two concerns on this matter are the steady erosion of services by Harper and his cronies as well as the direct and indirect effects of the loss of over 8,000 postal jobs. That means many less Canadians spending their hard-earned dollars in our shops and businesses. We will all feel that.

Well, all except maybe Pat Mella. Those 8,000 jobs would also be 8,000 votes. That doesn’t matter to her anymore either.

Lloyd Kerry,


Organizations: Canada Post

Geographic location: Canada, Charlottetown

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Recent comments

  • Lloyd Kerry
    February 17, 2014 - 20:53

    Thanks for your comment on my posts. First of all, I would suggest Canada Post review it's management structure. Their CEO is paid between $440,900 and $518,600 a year in salary. Canada Post’s 2012 annual report says the board of directors and senior executives received a combined $10 million in total salary, short-term benefits and retirement benefits. They, like all federal government departments and agencies are top-heavy with overpaid managers. Secondly, they need to look at how they spend money. They are presently spending millions in advertising telling people what a good job they are doing. Again, more waste. I agree that a dollar for a stamp is way too much, but where else can you mail a letter for even a dollar? Ask FedEx what they would charge you. And as far as the U.S. postal service goes, here's some numbers for you In 2012, they ran a $16 billion deficit and received a $14 billion subsidy from the government. Nt exactly a stellar image. And don't compare the cost to send a parcel in the U.S. to Canada Post. Compare the cost to send a parcel via Canada Post or FedEx, etc. I sent a parcel to Washington state for $74 (Canada Post).. $133. for UPS.

  • Normally
    February 17, 2014 - 09:43

    Normally Lloyd I agree with your posts , this one I do not . Canada post need reduction in Canada , as they are pricing themselves out of business . Where reduction comes from I really don't know but would suggest wages as a place to start . Just where do you suggest they reduce costs so a stamp doesn't cost a buck . Cripes , you can send a parcel in the US for the same price as a letter in Canada .