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By Pat Mella (A Reader’s View)

It is necessary from time to time to evaluate the services that are being provided to citizens and paid for through our taxes.

Dr. Herb Dickieson claims that, in the case of Canada Post, the status quo is the way to go. I do not think this is either fair to the next generation or beneficial to the present generation of postal customers.

Canada Post Corporation has existed for a very long time but, contrary to Dr. Dickieson’s claims, it has not been a profitable operation without significant taxpayer support. He acknowledges the $1 billion pension shortfall — ask any finance minister in this country just how much pension shortfalls are costing taxpayers and the limitations that puts on their ability to provide other much needed services.

Canada Post Corporation was created at a time when transportation and communication was very different. It is not that long ago when our parents walked to the post office to pick up their mail. My parents did it in Bloomfield in 1956.

No one expected their mail to be delivered to their door. Just think of the cost of delivering mail to every single household — whether we want it or not. My mail delivered today consisted of an unsolicited magazine and a flyer for a free pizza. We are paying for this stuff.

I really think we should stop labeling seniors as somehow incapacitated and incapable of normal functioning, especially those seniors who live in rural P.E.I.

Walking is good for you and you get to meet your neighbours.

It is shocking to hear from Dr. Dickieson that medications are being delivered through the mail-in a province where addictions are a serious issue; we should not be delivering medications through the mail.

Forget about the political jabs, it is 2014. Most of Canada gets their mail at a community box, surely we can too.

Ask anyone from 20 to 40 years of age about mail delivery. They operate in a different world and do not expect

door-to-door delivery and definitely don’t want to pay for it through their taxes.

It is difficult for governments to take back a service that once was considered essential. But time changes, technology develops and better ways of delivering the same service appear.

Remember what Angus MacLean said, “A government that gives you everything you want is a government that will take everything you’ve got.”

Let’s embrace the benefits of the modern era and save some of our tax dollars for services more crucial to our common good.

Pat Mella, Stratford, is a former member of the P.E.I. legislature.

Organizations: Canada Post Corporation

Geographic location: Canada, P.E.I.

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