Maritimers blamed for western problems

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Editor: Once again Islanders and Maritimers are being blamed for the problems of those west of Ottawa River.

David MacKinnon, who served as a senior civil servant in Nova Scotia and Ontario, says nearly every fiscal problem that is occurring is a direct result of subsidies received by Atlantic Canadians. What he may have left out is there may be some responsibility by himself because he was one of the persons who in all likelihood was a senior civil servant at the time these policies and subsidies were enacted, responsible for at least some of the ills.

He also forgot to mention the reason most people are unemployed is because senior civil servants like him in all likelihood have taken two, three or four jobs with big pensions and denied others one of those jobs, thereby creating the unemployment he so much hates.

He also states no insurance company could carry on this way. The last time I checked the unemployment insurance commission had a surplus of over $30 billion. The reason for such a shameful surplus is an increase in premiums and an extreme reduction in payouts.

I am not laying blame on Mr. MacKinnon or EI, but we cannot and will not accept responsibility for the ills of those living west of the Ottawa River. These senior civil servants, who point fingers at those of us who love our provinces and our country, are the ones raping and pillaging.

Mr. MacKinnon, who is the lead author of Unseen Equalization, should sweep his own doorstep before he offers to sweep ours and publish the Unseen Equalization payments made to senior civil servants, senators, politicians, who received cash stuffed envelopes, back room deals, jobs for relatives and friends, all paid for by Maritimers lucky enough to receive subsidies, apparently all paid by those fortunate enough to reside west of the Ottawa River.

Mike Avery,

Fort Augustus

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, Ontario, Ottawa River Fort Augustus

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