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Editor: More water, more potatoes, more environmental degradation.

Since the science says P.E.I.’s deep- water supply can grow more potatoes, what’s the guarantee it will be done more safely to enhance the environment?

And why hasn’t science disproven the theory that what we’re growing and how we’re growing it may be connected to P.E.I.’s high cancer rate?

We’ve been told for years that growing more potatoes, like catching more lobsters, results in lower prices in the marketplace where we are a mere drop in the bucket, compared to Idaho and Western Canada where soils are rich and deep.

Using more water won’t change farming methods. Choosing to use more water to mitigate poor farming practices won’t work to enhance worn out soil, and improve the environment everyone shares.

Let’s ask some basic questions here of our government or any other party that wants to form one:

- How will pumping more water to grow 30,000 more acres of potatoes stop environmental degradation?

- How will 30,000 acres more make P.E.I. a better place to be in 2103 when we’re all gone and we’ve left the mess to families following us?

- What ever happened to the Liberal philosophy of Canada’s youngest premier in 1966 who said “the faster we go, the more behinder we’ll get”?  Alex Campbell was 32 and just last month Premier Robert Ghiz turned 40. I think our premier needs to talk with Alex soon about a vision that hasn’t become a reality to make P.E.I. stronger, and a better place to live.

We must become more than just a province where former Islanders come home to retire and then die, in a dying environment.

In this small Island heaven, we’ve got to get our furrows “straighter” before we “drift” any further.

Lorne Yeo,

Argyle Shore

Geographic location: P.E.I., Western Canada, Idaho Iceland

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