Taking risks is what develops our society

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Editor: A reply to Dave Steeves letter on the Mars mission:

Mr. Steeves, I've no idea whom you are or what you do with your life, other than apparently enjoying sitting in small-minded judgment of others and writing letters to the editor about it. I'm not sure by what standard you have decided that I do not have a life simply because I believe that a life is measured by what one does with it and inspires by it rather than how long one happens to live.

Many people are willing to risk and lose their lives for the advancement of knowledge and discovery; explorers, scientists, engineers, and many others come to mind, all driven by ideals that understand the power of one doing something for many. Without such risk-taking our development as a society and culture would be virtually non-existent, not to mention utterly lacking in scientific discovery.

If all people thought the way you do, Mr. Steeves, we'd all still be sitting in caves in Africa, having never left the continent to explore our world, and beyond.

Trish Woodford,


(former Islander)

Geographic location: Africa, Toronto

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