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Editor: The question of the day is “Will the Liberal Party honour its tradition of at least a basic level of environmental concern or will it cave in to special interests, ignoring the will and the health of the people?” I am talking about the authorization of deep water wells that remove large amounts of groundwater Islanders depend upon.

If potato growers wish to boost productivity, they can look to the depleted and deadened soil they have created through fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides.  

Not only have these high rates of chemicals killed fish, birds, and pollinators, but the resulting lifeless soil has difficulty holding on to the rainwater. Organic farmers who care for their soil can show you that once the soil has been built up and can support living things beyond the planted seed, productivity per acre increases substantially. These wise farmers will also tell you that massive mono-cropping is rarely beneficial and should not be supported.

Those few farmers who can afford the significant expense of this equipment (which, if they follow the rules, they would only need every three years) can afford to make do without. We, the people, however, cannot afford further depletion and pollution of a finite and essential resource — the water.

It is life itself and is not to be threatened for a few who stand to benefit monetarily. I challenge even one Liberal MLA to speak up on behalf of the people and the water. If you cannot, then face your children and grandchildren and tell them how you have cared for their legacy. Please show us for once that being good stewards of Mother Earth trumps special interests.  

Jane Thomas,


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