Defining difference in promise vs. lie

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Editor: I almost gagged when Premier Robert Ghiz bragged of “bringing in the HST” was the best thing he did for P.E.I. in 2013, after “promising” prior to the last election, he would not.  

Now, with help from a computer, these are the definitions of a promise and a lie. A promise is a vow to assure a person or group that something will or will not happen. A lie is a false statement made to a person or group, who knows it is not the whole truth, intentionally.

Now, in a court of law, a lie is considered a criminal offence and whoever is convicted of such, can and will receive a fine and/or jail time. Is it ever OK to break a promise? Honouring a promise is high on my list of requirements in being a person of integrity. Basically, whenever a person fails to follow through on a promise, it registers as a betrayal. How do you define “I will not be bringing the HST to P.E. Islanders?”

Bob MacLean,


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