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Editor: I know that learning isn't sitting in a chair and just reading about things, or writing about them. Real learning is you going out and doing for yourself what it says in the book. That's the fun way of learning and that's why some kids don't like to go to school.

For example, my Grade 2 teacher, Mrs. Stephens, put caterpillars in our classroom and we watched them grow into butterflies. That's called learning in a fun way. I would like all teachers at all schools to let their children work in a fun way instead of sitting in a chair all the time.

Another example is how every year our teachers take us to an apple orchard so we can see how trees grow. We also grew our own bean plants in our Grade 2 class and it was a fun way to learn. By the way, my bean plant grew the tallest.

Marianne Carragher,

Grade 4, age 9

Spring Park School



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