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Broken Postal boxes

Editor: Is this what all Islanders can expect in the future? Is this what we will deal with when the postal service no longer delivers to the door?

It is a fact of nature that P.E.I. receives a lot of snow and snowplows are necessary. However, when community boxes are damaged the mail is interrupted and we must wait for our mail or travel further to pick it up.

We have been waiting for over a week and still no mail, no instructions as to a pickup location.

Kathleen Ferris,




Letter carriers everyday heroes

Editor: Canada Post is supposed to be self-sustaining, charging for processing and delivery of parcels, envelopes, etc. If so, how did they get so deeply in debt all of a sudden?

When it costs about $200 to ship a $250 jacket to England, is it any wonder my friends chose to use Amazon UK which ships free and will wrap a present for $2?  

When UPS or FedEx or to some extent Purolator can move things across thousands of miles faster and cheaper, is it any wonder people are abandoning Canada Post? When they make the mails slower and put the price of a stamp up, well you know the result.

I am fully aware that the next generation will likely be doing things via computer. However, that is not now. There is a whole generation of people over the age of 60 who were not born when computers came into being, especially at a price the average Canadian could afford. Many over the age of 65 have never used a computer, nor could they do such things as research Canadian tax law to file an income tax return. Yet Revenue Canada has closed its entire frontline counter staff who helped people along who couldn’t afford accountants to complete a simple return, nor did they know what laws applied to them and which didn’t.

My friend’s job was eliminated in P.E.I. The work was sent to Saint John, N.B. She made a business case to have the jobs in P.E.I. because the most skilled workers were located here (for the whole Maritimes, actually).

It is frustrating to think that these people who are running the country don’t have a clue about the people at ground level. They are in ivory towers gazing at clouds and have infinite imaginations. They don’t understand reality, or the people whom they’ve been elected to serve. And that is the reason for elections. We vote for the person(s) who will serve us best.

The more I read and see, the more discouraged I am for the future of this country, especially for the people of the east coast and the far north. I am afraid the next generation will have a harder life than we did and I attribute that to the idiocies of those who are meant to lead and protect our people. Especially since the retirees find they haven’t the income to support them in their senior years, so they continue working. Degrees may not help our youth find jobs.

Personally, I will be writing a letter to my MP and to each of the MPs in P.E.I. to object to this stupidity. Not everyone on this planet is using a computer. Not everyone in Atlantic Canada sends emails and gets their bills via computer either. Not everyone is able to walk to a super-box to pick up mail. Not everyone looks forward to seeing no one when the mail is delivered.

God bless my letter carrier. He is pleasant, kind and efficient. He has a crappy job when there are gales or icy walking or deep snow or when it is 30 C, and he delivers junk mail as well as the real mail. The letter carriers are everyday heroes and our world sure needs more of them. I have heard of postal carriers who have notified the powers that be if a home which he/she delivers mail to has not had mail picked up lately. They have saved lives. Write letters and keep this alive. Our seniors and disabled need it now.

Joanne Lord MacLeod,


Organizations: Canada Post, Amazon UK, UPS FedEx Revenue Canada

Geographic location: P.E.I., England, Saint John Atlantic Canada Charlottetown

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