Downtown streets simply deplorable

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The city of Charlottetown streets are simply deplorable with the large amounts of snow piled everywhere and nothing being done to clear out many streets. The first large storm was Sunday, Dec. 15, and by Thursday nothing was done. We had another storm Wednesday, Dec. 18 and another Sunday, Dec 22. And nothing is getting done to deal with the situation. What if there was ever a fire on many of these streets the fire trucks simply could not get through without some extreme difficulty.

I can't understand why the merchants are not making some noise about the situation, after all they do pay high taxes and there is no parking on many streets. There are only certain times of the year that sales should be real good and the Christmas season is one of those times and if parking is a problem, shoppers move outside the downtown area to shop.

We seem to have lots of money to host New Year’s Day celebrations, build bypass roads and so forth, but we are unable to make our city streets passable for the public and service vehicles.

Now, get this. On Tuesday there was a person walking down the middle of the street writing parking tickets, or at least he was carrying a book of tickets. In many cases a person would have to be a mountain climber to get over the mounds of snow to feed the meters. Furthermore, I am sure that many truckers would welcome a job hauling the snow from the street, and that should be done overnight when there is less traffic.

J.G. Walsh,


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