Family deals with addiction

Letters to the Editor (The Guardian)
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Editor: Mr. Steeves, what do you actually define "dysfunctional family" as?

I happen to know for a fact that there are many addicts whose families would rather keep handing out cash and covering for their family member just so their "normal family" doesn't get labeled by society as "dysfunctional."

If those people would get off their high horses and realize addiction doesn't pick and choose. It's just like cancer, it can happen to anyone.

A close relative is in recovery today and we as a family hope and pray she continues. That's right, "her family," not her "dysfunctional family."

Not to be rude Mr. Steeves but one never knows when your own family may have to deal with addiction. I hear crow isn't that tasty.

Charlene Robertson,

Little Pond

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