Merry Christmas, Mr. Prime Minister

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Editor: Well, well, well. Christmas is near and Mr. Harper is once again giving out his Christmas cheer by firing 8,000-plus postal workers (or as he says) no one is getting laid off, everyone will go on pension.

How great to find out at Christmas that your job is coming to an end.

Every Christmas he has good news for Canadians. Everyone gets hit at one time or another.

I am thinking of the many, many people who today have no idea where the next dollar is coming from to pay bills, buy food and get oil to keep them warm let alone worry about Christmas gifts.

In two years time when the next election is called we will all be so happy and excited to see a balance budget and a reduced deficit, but none of us will ever see the ledgers.

Who really cares? It will never happen. It is just a pipe dream. How gratifying to all those workers who have lost their jobs that they know they helped to balance the budget even though they can’t look after themselves or their families because there are no jobs out there, or may have to leave their families to go out west to find work.

But really how long can this keep going on? All of Canada can’t reside in Alberta or can they?

Mr. Harper said give me a majority government and I’ll show you a different Canada and indeed he has.

Everyone in this great and glorious country of ours deserves a chance of a decent paying job, a pride of bringing home a paycheque and contributing to our society.

E.R. (Beverley) Riggs,


Geographic location: Canada, Alberta

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