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Editor: Richard Brown spoke in the legislature last week stating he didn’t think there were too many MLAs in P.E.I.  He used New Hampshire as an example where “more representation is better.”  This is probably the first time I ever agreed with him.

We should adopt the New Hampshire system of government for P.E.I. and I’m sure Mr. Brown, being a member of the ruling party, would have no problem bringing it forward.

New Hampshire has 24 senators and 400 representatives. They are elected for a two-year term at a $100 annual salary, plus mileage for what can be long hours of service. They are also entitled to a free licence plate, but have to pay an extra fee upwards of $8 which allows them to drive the toll roads at no cost. The legislature is often made up of older residents who have the time and financial standing to serve. Serving in the legislature is often viewed as something akin to community service. There is an absence of material rewards. Many people run simply to make a difference and change laws. Long-time representative Laura Pantelakos, aged 74, has served 16 years and has only made $3,200 total for what have been countless hours of service.

This would be perfect for P.E.I. We have an aging population, largely due to the fact that young families have had to move to other provinces to obtain a respectable wage. We have many seniors with extensive knowledge in various fields who I’m sure would be willing to offer their services.  

Just think, we could eliminate millions spent in the legislature on members’ salaries and perks. I would nominate Olive Crane to lead such a government. She appears to be the only politician who stands up for the ordinary person, and is not a part of the “Old Boys Club” or ruling elite on P.E.I.  

If Richard Brown gets this approved, I’m running and it will only cost taxpayers $100 plus a free licence plate annually for my services.

Morley LaBelle,

Long Creek

Organizations: Boys Club

Geographic location: P.E.I., New Hampshire, Long Creek

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