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Editor: I’m on a rant today.

1. MLA wage increases:  Guess I’m missing something but the Ghiz government said pensions will be reduced and then tabled legislation to ensure the pension reduction is legal and the clan at Province House has the gall, the audacity, the inappropriateness to approve wage increases for MLAs. I know, I know the small $500 a year salary increases total a very small amount but the insult to pensioners is obvious.

MLAs say, “I get a small increase and you pensioners get a decrease.” We should all get decreases with a $billion P.E.I. debt. It’s senseless and terribly insensitive. “I get more and you get less and I make the rules, so there” and we teach non-bullying in school and our leaders show bully tactics. It’s thoughtless to say the least. Merry Christmas

2. Mandela funeral visits. Of course we have seen the passing of a great, sensitive and thoughtful leader but it is not necessary to spend probably $50 million on leaders’ visits with their huge travel costs and the enormous security at the event. The leaders could all Skype from their offices with their live pictures on a very large screen and offer their condolences electronically and it would be so sensible and a fitting tribute to Mr. Mandela. There is a world of need for those huge dollars but no; they must fly in their huge government planes for a few hours of respect. Seems kind of appropriate but there is no common sense to it.

3. New Charlottetown waterfront condos. Again city council votes 8-2 to approve another one. We have ruined the open space down there which should have been left green, not just for housing of the very comfortable but for all to enjoy. Well, maybe council should sell the Experimental Farm and erect 1,000 more condos. I think we are condo crazy. In summary, the Irish policy is to have open space on the waterside of roads along the seaside. Not us, nope, let the greedy win again.

Despite all this, Merry Christmas.

Bruce Garrity,


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Geographic location: Charlottetown

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