Invisible ‘duck’ tape missing from rope

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Editor: So far, no one has asked why the PMO got involved with leaving Ms. Wallin and Mr. Brazeau to dangle on their own ropes, while trying to make Mr. Duffy’s rope invisible. So:

Why? Did Mr. Wright imagine the wrong solution, all by himself? Did Mr. Duffy go ask for Invisible Duck Tape for his rope, the better to duck his responsibility for what he had done? The result, of course, is that the Invisible Duck Tape was not transparent.

Why not? Ms. Wallin and Mr. Brazeau did not use Invisible Duck Tape and get only an occasional mention in the media. They have made restitution gestures, Ms. Wallin’s’ restitution being larger than Mr. Duffy’s would have been, and have become translucent, if not transparent. If there had been no Invisible Duck Tape, would Mr. Duffy have become transparent? Wrong metaphor?

It is not the size of the offence. Being government, the government wastes more money every second than Mr. Duffy cheated out of us over his years in the Senate. Was it the verb, cheat, or was it the attempt to Invisible Duck Tape it over, that caused the furor?

By the way, if you look for Invisible Duck Tape at Canadian Tire, you won’t see it.

Carl Mathis,


Organizations: Canadian Tire

Geographic location: Charlottetown

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