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Editor: When it comes to buying food I’m shocked on how my fellow consumers will just fill up their carts and not look at the health chart on what they are buying and eating.

 I was just like them, putting how delicious the product is above how healthy the item is until I got the ultimate wake up call. By having two jobs of my 20-year working career (I retired Sept. 2012) in the food and drink industry, what I learned in these jobs blew my mind.

Why you ask? Well do you know that both a 355 ml can and a 591 ml bottle of pop contain 16 tablespoons of sugar? Want a visual of this? See those sugar packets at the coffee machine at work. Throw 16 of them on the table, that’s what’s in those pops. For you healthy snackers thinking you doing well, man are we fooling you. How well? A big bag of cheddar sun chips has 100 mg more of salt per serving. Chugging Diet Coke or Pepsi does more harm then chugging regular pop. Did you know that an order of large fries has 400 mg of salt and there is 800 mg of salt in just one hot Italian sausage. I’ve saved the best for last. There is 850 mg of salt in four chicken nuggets.

 Since my wake up call my grocery bill has been reduced 75 per cent. I still eat my junk but I take a bowl of chips to the couch instead of the whole bag. My pop is one big glass or two cans a day. Finally, when it comes to fitness level, well this time last year I’d be heaving running half a block. Now I can run up three flights of stairs with no loss of breathe. Basically I want people to care what’s being eaten so they can have a wake up call like I did.

Evan Larter,


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