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Editor: What is going on with the high price of food? It seems to me since the metric system came to Canada we have been ripped off over and over with less for more money. A litre is not a quart and four litres is not gallon and on it goes with every weight you can name.

Bread, a staple is over $4 a loaf. Cheese, also a staple is costly. One thin slice does not cover a slice of bread.  

Cans are smaller and meat and poultry products are inaccessible.

Peanut butter, a staple in most households, is unaffordable at $10 for a 2kg jar. There was poor peanut crop in the U.S.A. in 2011 but even when there is rebound with 2013 having a bumper crop, peanut butter is still the same price.

To buy fruit individually is budget breaking. A bag of apples is sold by the pound. One is lucky to get eight apples in a bag for $5-$6. What happened to a dozen of anything? Buy a box of oranges on sale and half are rotten. The cost of fresh vegetables is absolutely outrageous.

We all know it is not the farmer who is making big bucks. We also know that customers are getting ripped off by big corporations. What can be done about the high cost of food? Who sets these prices? Who is going hungry or not meeting the standard food intake requirements due to high costs? How often does our government have to be told by experts there is food poverty in P.E.I. due to high prices?

Is it any wonder people are eating junk food? A whole pizza, on sale, is cheaper and more filling than most of the foods people should be eating.

Flora Jean Thompson,


Geographic location: Canada, P.E.I., Charlottetown

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