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Editor: First, a confession: this is a question asked out of ignorance. I don’t know the details of how the lobster fishery works; I am a landlubber who loves lobster. There is a multitude of us LLWLLs on the Island, who would wish that the lobster fishery were fair to fishermen, thus securing a ready supply of the delectable crustacean for us LLWLLs.

Second, a question: I have read a suggestion (in these pages?) or heard it somewhere (the lobster-deprived brain cannot remember where), that closed fish-processing facilities have holding tanks. While not knowing how possible or how practical it might be, or even where and how many holding tanks there might be, would it be possible for fishermen to form co-ops to hold lobsters in these tanks and sell them out of those tanks at a rate that keeps their income a bit delayed, but higher and spread over a longer marketing time? Might this be an advantage in negotiations with the buyers?

This question/suggestion seemed to have had a very short shelf life from when I first read/heard it, and that may be because it would not work, but if it gave the fishermen some leverage on prices, it might be beneficial.

The low prices at the wharf are blamed on the glut of lobsters while they are being fished. Duh! That’s like saying that there is a glut of potatoes just after harvest. If the timing of the lovely lobsters going to market could be spread out, would that help? Just asking.

Carl Mathis,



Geographic location: Charlottetown

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