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Editor: Re "Rescue Canada's poorest provincial economies: Allow Fracking" October 30, 2013

In a special report to the Guardian we were so fortunate to read an analysis by two doctors from the Fraser Institute about how fracking in the Maritimes is all around good for everyone. The economy receives a boost and no harm is done to our resources.

When reading a report we should always ask ourselves who is writing the report and who funds the report writers. What are their motives, and why go to the time to produce this information to the public.

This story is no different. One only has to start at the Fraser Institute's board of trustees to begin to piece things together. I'm sure Gwyn Morgan of EnCana and R. J. Pirie of Sabre Energy are really concerned about how much we overpay in taxes, and how they want to help our economy. I'm sure they really care about being diligent with our resources, and making sure our communities are healthy and don't suffer ill effects from fracking in our back yards. I'm sure their funders like Exxon mobile and the billionaire Koch brothers of oil and gas fame lose sleep over our well being.

I hope they don't think they can feed us Maritimers this load of b.s. and think we're buying it for one second. Corporations care about one thing and one thing only, profit. They don't care about community, environment or our health. Those things get in the way of the profit. If corporate interests think they can sway opinion with propaganda articles like this they are sadly mistaken. Maritimers are not push overs. We are smart, hard working, proud, resilient people.

So next time you see an article from a group like this, telling us how we need to be "rescued" from our poverty, the best thing you can do is roll it up into a ball, put ‘er in the wood stove, throw some kindling on ‘er, and sit back and enjoy the warmth. It's a cold fall and corporations spent good money and time writing that crap.

Ryan Cain,


Organizations: Fraser Institute, EnCana, Exxon

Geographic location: Canada

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